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21 Books + 21 Bestselling Authors in 1 Boxed Set for $1

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From Twenty-One USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors
Secret Worlds - A Steamy Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
Professionally Edited and Formatted for Quality Assurance.
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Secret Worlds

Secret Worlds, a best-selling boxed set of spicy paranormal reads, is brought to you by twenty-one USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors!† With twenty-one stories and over a million enchanting words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will keep you spellbound.† Dive through Secret Worlds and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

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Ready to Turn Up the Heat?

Whether you love paranormal romance that warms you up or sets you on fire, this boxed set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities. Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this boxed set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more. For a limited, you can enjoy books from today's USA Today and Amazon Bestselling, including titles that are slated for the big screen! When purchased separately, these books cost over $50! But they are yours today for less than $1. Every selection in this rare, limited edition paranormal romance boxed set are full-length novels and novellas!
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Secret Worlds Boxed Set

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Find the link to the entry form for today's scavenger hunt secrets in our Facebook Party and enter the following author secrets. Each day two people will be selected to win a free ebook! Follow our blog tour in the party and enter each day's secrets for more chances to win. At the end of the blog tour, three grand prize winners will receive a collection of 6 ebooks!

Today's author secrets:

— Kate Corcino’s Author Secret—
Hello and welcome! I’m so happy to be here! I am Kate Corcino, author of Spark Rising, a romantic futuristic fantasy featuring a complicated super-powered heroine, a compromised double-agent hero, romance, and non-stop action adventure for the New Adult/Adult audience. I am thrilled to be a part of the SECRET WORLDS boxed set.
Perhaps that’s because I have secrets of my own?
Want to know my writing-process secret?
I wrote in a sex scene to keep one of my characters happy.
My characters talk to me—and refuse to talk to me. If they’re not pleased with the way the action is going, they will refuse to cooperate. Perhaps this is what other authors experience as writer’s block, but to me, it’s pretty clear who’s in control (and it’s not me!).
Once you get to know Agent Alejandro Reyes, it probably wouldn’t be surprising in the least to know that as I headed into the second half of Spark Rising, he made it known that he was unhappy with the state of affairs (or lack of one!) between himself and Lena Gracey. And he sat down and refused to talk for his POV scenes until I promised some—ahem—action.
It seems Agent Reyes knows what he wants, and he’ll do anything to get it. ;)
So many of the characters you’ll find in the over a MILLION pages of fiction the SECRET WORLDS boxed set offers are just as determined…and just as hot (Okay, Alex, almost as hot…happy now?). Order your copy now and get ready to be let in on twenty-one different worlds of secrets, headstrong characters, and love!
— Angel Lawson's Author Secret —
Several years ago I had tickets to a major concert. I ended up not
being able to go. I decided to give the tickets to this very hot, very borderline-of age, life guard at my pool. My friend and I left them on his car windshield in the middle of the night with the note, "Thanks for the Awesome." I am WAY too old for this.
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Secret Worlds Boxed Set
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