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Lovefools by: Avery Hale Blog Tour with Review

Author: Avery Hale
Title: Lovefools, (Fools in Love Series, Book 1)
Genre:  A New Adult Contemporary Romance
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We are all fools in love. Twenty-two year old Phinegan Swift is no exception to that rule.  In fact, she’s been accused of being a certifiable lovefool.  But she’s proud to wear her heart on her sleeve and risk it all for love.

That is, until her high-powered lawyer boyfriend betrays her, breaks her heart, and causes her to question everything she ever believed in.  Devastated by his betrayal, Phin escapes to Costa Rica for a week with her best gal pal, hoping to give her heart a chance to heal.

Dez—a foul-mouthed, man-eating sex-pot—makes it her mission to distract Phin from her breakup woes with a healthy dose of sun, fun,…and Costa Rican man-candy.

But the only man who catches Phin’s eye is a handsome and mysterious stranger she meets at the airport.
Byron is a guy whose angle Phin just can't figure out.  All she knows is that he’s a thief... First, he tries to steal her luggage. Then, he tries to steals her massage.  Finally, he tries to steal her heart.

But Byron has his own secrets—the real reason he’s in Costa Rica being one of them.  When Phin uncovers his duplicity, she is faced with yet another heartbreak.
Things take a dramatic turn when a ghost from Phin’s past resurfaces to win her back...or so he claims.
Will Phin learn to believe in love again…or will love play her like a fool?

Excerpt 1:
That saying about love being blind is right. But whoever came up with that quote forgot to add the part about love making you blind. Not to mention the painful part about being blindsided by love.
Now that it’d happened to me, I was sure the world would never look the same to me again.
I used to be a believer in love—real love. That white knight, fairy-tale, til-the-end-of-time kind of love. But that was before yesterday, when I got sucker punched by the only thing I’d ever really believed in.
And now, I didn’t know what to believe in.

Excerpt 2:
Our treading legs touched and slid against each other, as our bodies engaged in an underwater dance. I couldn’t have swum away from him if I tried. We were drawn together like the lightning to the ground.

Excerpt 3:
He crossed the room slowly, watching me, and as he came nearer, I could make out the details of his face. The conflicting mess of emotions that had passed over his face earlier was gone.
Now, his face was a perfect reflection of what I was feeling—an excruciating needfulness.
I let the last of my walls come down and succumbed to it.
If I get hurt again by Byron, then let this be the last time I let myself be with him. And if this is the last time I am with him, then let him have all of me.

Excerpt 4:
I dipped my ears under the water and could hear the thunder and the muted echoes of the rain plopping on the pool’s surface, but nothing else.
The sky grew even darker. There was darkness above me and all around. Even the water looked black. I was floating in a void, wishing for a whirlpool to swallow me up as I started feeling the ache again. The sharp blade that stabbed me in the heart and twisted with cruelty, every single time I tried to forget it. The pain that should’ve killed me days ago, except my stubborn, stupid body kept insisting on breathing, my heart kept beating, though I no longer knew what for.
I closed my eyes, replacing the darkness with more darkness. Except this blackness felt empty, just like me.
Had he thought of me since the day he shattered my world into a million pieces? Did he feel as terrible as I did? Did he care that I was hurting? That heartless, soulless bastard…whom I loved.

Excerpt 5 

Understanding that he wanted me to take the lead out of respect, out of wanting to earn my trust, I willingly
 took control, determined to erase whatever boundaries there were between us.

I pulled my nightshirt off, then undid the button of his jeans.
A moment later, I had him in my hands. Feeling the throbbing hardness of his erection aroused me beyond reason.

I was no longer a thinking, rational human being—I couldn’t be around this man without wanting to be with him. He brought out something basic and primal in me.

No other thoughts, no other feelings than my intense desire directed my actions.

Byron tipped his head back and uttered a sound that aroused me further as I stroked the length of his shaft with both hands. I wanted to taste him.

Overall Rating 5 Stars!!!
            What a wonderful book. I received a copy for Avery’s blog tour, and I am so glad I join this tour and got a chance to read this book!! This is a new author to me and she didn’t disappoint at all. The book was well written, well entertaining, and just a brilliant book. I love how the author drew me in and held my attention, it is a fast pace read. I read it in one day. I love the characters and the storyline, very believable.

            Phinegan has her heart broken by her ex-boyfriend. She walks in on him cheating on her. I really hated that dude and wanted to slap him silly. What does she do? Well her and her best friend goes to Costa Rica for some fun!! Dez, Phinegan’s best-friend is hilarious and witty. She is definitely my favorite character in this book. Phinegan ends up meeting a swoon-worthy guy Bryon. But Bryon has a past. What happens when the past is revealed? This book was an edge of your seat book. I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to my friends. One of my favorite books of the year for sure. And a new favorite author. 

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“Take it from me—love is a bitch. The biggest bitch you’ll ever meet. So it’s best to stay out of her way.” - Dez, Lovefools by Avery Hale

Avery Hale is a small town girl who lives in the big city of Chicago.  She holds down a day job and spends the rest of her time cooking, laughing, yoga-ing…and, of course, indulging in her ridiculous obsession with love stories!  She writes Romance and YA Paranormal (under the pen name Jane Lively.)

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