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To Snarl or Snuggle by Katya Armock Blog Tour

To Snarl or Snuggle

by Katya Armock

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She just wants to make it through her whirlwind wedding. Too bad life isn’t cooperating.

Chloe thinks her life is just about perfect. She’s finally got her psychic abilities under control, her relationship with her father has never been better, and she’s finally marrying her shape-shifter boyfriend Jorge. But when a teenage shape-shifter in need of help leads Jorge’s rival to their door, Chloe’s perfect life deserts her. Chloe’s mother and grandmother find themselves in a psychic feud that leaves Chloe caught in the wake, and a woman with suspect motives insinuates herself into Chloe’s life. Throw in a shocking revelation about the origins of her family’s extrasensory abilities, and she’s not sure she’ll make it down the aisle in one piece, let alone live long enough for a happily ever after…

And she thought meeting her in-laws was tough.

 Excerpt 1:

“So what was up with your lack of cake enthusiasm?” My best friend Naomi peers at me over her latte. We’re taking a wedding planning respite at our favorite coffee place.
She clearly knows something is wrong. Usually I love cake, food, all things with sugar and fat. And, of all the tedious parts of planning my wedding, tasting the cake was supposed to be the highlight.
Naomi starts tapping her fingers and her blue-eyed stare means business. I’m not getting out of spilling the beans. Time to woman up.
“I found an old letter I wrote to my mom.” I stare down into my Earl Grey latte and try not to let my emotions run away with me.
“From when?”
“I was sixteen. Wrote it the day I tore up every picture of her I had.” I didn’t need to say more.
Before Naomi can say anything, there’s a commotion at the entrance. A boy, maybe twelve or thirteen, careens into an empty table just inside the door, almost knocking it over. I know puberty can have its awkward gangly growth spurt phases, but this is no ordinary stumbling. At first, I assume he’s drunk or stoned or something—sad, I know, for a young teen— but then I notice some awfully shaggy hair sprouting from his neck and spreading under his shirt.
Shit. He’s a shape-shifter, and by the looks of it, one who isn’t prepared to be going through a transition. Given his age, this is probably his first shift or close to it. Odds say he’s an orphan shifter—born into a family who doesn’t know shape-shifters exist but have some rogue genes in their DNA. Puberty takes hold, and boom, you find out you’re a shape-shifter.

Excerpt 2: 
I return his kiss and clumsily finish unbuttoning his shirt. We break apart long enough for him to strip his shirt and me to lose mine and my bra. I nuzzle his neck, nipping at the tender skin along his collarbone as I rub my hands over the rippling muscles in his back. He groans, pushing us down until we lie side by side on the bed. We kick off our pants and underwear, our naked legs entwined. His erect cock presses near my core and fires the heat between us.
“I can’t wait to be married to you. To have you be mine in that way.” His voice is husky, his breath a hot trail along my cheek between his peppering kisses.
I melt against him, utterly vulnerable yet feeling so safe in his arms. I reach out to him through our connection, sending images of our merging body and soul.
“Come in me.” It’s half demand, half plea.
With a sexy smile, he pushes me to my back, his body over mine, his arms tight along my sides. As he slides into my waiting sex, I arch into him and hook my legs around his waist. Heat rolls off of him and his rumbling purr sends shivering vibrations through me. Well, the purr and his cock. And if I’m being fair, his touch, his essence, his mind, his soul.
He kisses me quickly, and I look at him in question when he pulls back. He smiles, his pace slowing but steady. “Your mind seemed to wander off a bit there. Just ensuring you’re still with me.”
“Always.” It’s a promise I intend to keep.

Excerpt 3:
I sink onto the mattress, one leg tucked under me. Enoki rubs along my arm.
Jorge scratches Enoki’s head. “Looks like Enoki wants to help.”
From the end of the bed, I hear Sashi’s mental hrrumph. “Like Enoki can give you great insight.”
I give Sashi a look before turning to scratch Enoki’s chin. I speak aloud so Jorge can get at least a taste of the conversation. “Enoki is very intuitive, aren’t you, buddy?”
He purrs and gives Sashi a smug look. “Sashi is just jealous Jorge didn’t say she should help.”
Sashi does the cat equivalent of an eye roll. “I don’t need permission to express my opinion.
“Ok, you two, settle down. I know having extra people around the house is stressful for you, but no getting nasty with each other.”
Enoki head butts me. “Sorry.” I lean over and kiss his head.
Sashi sniffs. “I suppose we can both assist you with your reading.” She rests her head on her paws and closes her eyes.
Jorge nudges me. “Are the cats settled down yet?”
“Yeah. They both are going to share their opinions.”
He chuckles. “Well, we best get started before Sashi decides she has more important things to do.”
I smirk. Sashi caught the gist of his comment and turns a narrowed gaze on Jorge.
Settling down to business, I hold in the forefront of my mind my question: What does all I’ve learned and experienced the past few days mean going forward? I shuffle the oversized deck awkwardly, and when it feels right, I stop, cut the deck with my left hand, and flip the first card, representing the past. The Magician.

I like books that are funny and fun to read (and hot!) but also make me think or look at the world in a new way.
These days you’ll find me writing, pet sitting, juggling a number of freelance gigs, and reigning as my home’s domestic goddess. I live in the Midwestern U.S. with my husband, dog and cats. Alas, I have, as of yet, been unable to teach my husband how to purr.

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