Friday, November 21, 2014

Heroes To Swoon For Boxed Set Cover Reveal

Heroes To Swoon For Boxed Set
11 Sizzling Contemporary Romances
Multi-author boxed set
Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology
Release Date: December 8, 2014

New Release Sale Price: $0.99 Limited Time. Purchased separately, the books in this set 
would cost over $30. Nine Full-Length Novels, 1 Novella, and 1 Short Story from NY Times, 
USA Today, National and International Bestselling Authors.

We all need a hero! Preferably a hot, muscled, romantic one who's not afraid to fight for
the woman he loves. From firefighters to athletes, and artists to rockers, these swoon-
worthy heroes will keep you on your toes and weak in your knees. Slip into a reading 
adventure that will have you panting for more: fun, steam, and thrills.

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Prizes Galore, Q&A, Authors, Readers, Books, and FUN! So what are 
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~~Included in set~~

Aroused – Jade Kerrion
Can falling in love with a gorgeous male escort lead to anything except inevitable heartbreak?

Blazing Love – Chantel Rhondeau
An emotionally injured veterinarian assistant struggles to resist the heat of a blazing hot 
irefighter, but she can’t avoid the flames of his passion.

Roaring Hot! –Rachelle Ayala
A playboy motorcycle racer hires an aspiring actress when he is challenged by his grandmother 
to bring a real girlfriend to her birthday party.

The Right Pitch – Lyssa Layne
Colie Adger is torn between the lavish attention from a big shot pitcher and the common sense 
of a solid friend. Can Colie figure out her own heart and hit a homerun off the right pitch?

The Art of Love- Michele Shriver
After watching her parents' marriage crumble, jewelry artist Chelsea Matthews doesn't believe in 
love, but a sexy painter sets out to win her heart and prove that good guys do exist.
All seems perfect in Leah's life until tattoo artist Dean rides his Harley into her heart in this story 
Blaise Nolan has it all - brooding good looks, a haunting voice and troubled lyrics of a soul gone 
lost. Only he didn't wind up brooding, haunted and lost by accident...
Agent Drew Bradley goes undercover to find an officer gone rogue, but what he finds in 
Detective Sergeant Mackenzie McAllister is nothing he ever expected.

Amber Rules – Melinda Curtis
One of the first assignments of life coach to the rich and famous, Amber Rule, is to improve the 
game of Evan Oliver, one of the biggest bad-asses in the NBA. Will Amber up Evan's game? Or 
will he teach her a new set of rules?

Wild Irish Ride – Jennifer Saints
Sexy, Southern Suspense. Jesse was Alexi's forbidden fruit, the one man she couldn't forget 
and can't resist. After twelve years he's back for her—so is a killer.

How You Remind Me - Julie Leto
Can a former party girl take a chance on a sexy guitarist who knows her 
deepest, darkest secrets?

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