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January 26-27, 2015

#playingthegameseries - Book 4

Author Lorraine Loveit

LL Goodreads
Erotic, Sports, Police, Dom/sub, BDSM, Romance, Australia, Suspense
LL Synopsis
What happens when a first-time dominant and submissive come together? The answer is a great deal of heartache. This is not a romance; it’s a story about one person’s need to control and dominate another.
Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.
Brendon's jealousy reaches critical level resulting in Suzie walking out on him and into the arms of Jason, her police ex-boyfriend for both emotional support and protection against her stalker who is still making life uncomfortable for her, despite the best efforts of her co-workers at Homicide Squad.
Brendon is desperate to get Suzie back, even promising to treat her better and to curb his jealousy.
Will Suzie give Brendon a second chance or will she discover a new relationship with Jason that she never thought possible?
Note: This book does end in a cliff hanger but there will be the beginning of the following book included.
LL Excerpt
“I want to feel you.” “Sorry baby but I need your hands out of the way.” He sounded like he wanted to have it all his own way. “So you can control me?” “So I can control myself.” He bent down to tenderly kiss my lips. “Because if I let you touch me I’m not going to last long.” I almost whimpered at his confession, he was exercising restraint to put my needs first. He had resumed his assault on my lips whilst twisting and pulling my nipple. I vaguely realised he was wedging my legs apart with one of his knees. Dragging his mouth from mine his sexy eyes stared down at me. “If I release you will you stay as you are?” At my nod he smiled. “If I’m going to pleasure you properly I’ll need my other hand.” To my sheer delight he immediately put it to good use by delving beneath my skirt which had hitched up when he had spread my thighs. It didn’t take his expert fingers long to bypass my knickers to slip inside my wet hole. When he resumed kissing me, the culmination of the three points of erotic contact had me quivering with red hot need; need for this man to be inside me. “Tell me what you want.” He had released my lips and was studying me through passion clouded eyes. “I want you… to make me… come.” Oh god, how desperate did I sound right now. How did he manage to have this power over my body?
I put a finger to his lips and instantly regretted it upon feeling the soft flesh and remembering how they felt on my skin.
“Don’t say it… please.”
He gently grasped my wrist and pulled it back slightly so my finger left his mouth and then he bent his head to lightly kiss my knuckles. It took some effort to suppress the shudder that passed through my body at the simple act.
“I don’t like to see you with him.” He seemed both hurt and angry, not a good combination.
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LL Author infoMs Loveit lives in the south west of Western Australia. She is a wife, mother, secretary and an avid reader of both contemporary and regency novels. A year ago she started writing. Her first story is an erotic/relationship series. She has many more stories in her head, just waiting to be told. Despite her busy lifestyle, she still finds the time to regularly read books, as well as reviewing other authors' works.

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