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Sleepwalker Chronicles: The Awakening by: Lillth Black Blog tour

Book Synopsis (back cover blurb)

Elizabeth’s family dies in a house fire and she has no one to blame but herself… …after all, she sleepwalked out and was the only on to survive.

Elizabeth Hawthorne, barely sixteen years old, loses the only family she has ever known and now life throws her on the other side of the country to live with a relative she never knew existed. Her only goal is survive this new life, but she is presented with centuries-old family secrets that reveal themselves in the most unpredictable ways. Her sleepwalking trait turns out to be much more than that and people she meets along the way affect her very nature as she affects theirs.

As personal transformations consume Elizabeth’s days and sleepwalking nightmares invade her nights, a bigger, more sinister entity makes its appearance and now

Elizabeth’s life and the lives of those around her are in danger. She will have to fully embrace her new self and form difficult partnerships to fight the demons that are approaching and those that are within.

Snippet 2:
She bent her head down, trying to be invisible, and began to move towards the front doors. She was at the top of the stairs, silently congratulating herself on sneaking in, when, out of nowhere, somebody’s wide chest appeared in her way.
Surprised and unable to get out of the way, Elizabeth flailed her arms to keep her balance, but began to fall backwards onto the stairs below. She gasped. Next thing she knew, the strong arms that belonged to the wide-chested body grabbed her and placed her safely back at the top of the stairs.
"Watch where you are–" she heard, and then suddenly, the tone softened to a mumble. "Sorry, gotta go."
Before she could say a word, her accidental acquaintance disappeared inside the school. It happened so fast that all she could remember were his piercing black eyes.

Lillith Black is an American writer who lives in Southern California with her husband and daughters. By day, she works as an information analyst, and by night, or whenever time permits, writes fantasy and paranormal stories.

Reading was her obsession from a very early age and you could always find her curling up with the book in some inconspicuous spot. Her favorite genres were and still are fairy tales, sci-fi, paranormal fantasy and mystery. Favorite authors off all times: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Ivan Yefremov and Alexander Belyayev.

Lillith loves the beach where she spent countless hours as a child and finds the ocean inspiring and humbling. She loves yoga and is working on becoming vegan.

She is currently working on a fantasy vampire romance “Love Me or Bite Me” as well as the second installment of “Sleepwalker Chronicles”.

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