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Run To You by: Kandice Michelle Young Blog Tour with Review and Interview

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Run To You by Kandice Michelle Young

Release Date: 10th  Feb 2015

Feb 11th - Feb 25th

I moved to New York for a fresh start.  I did not move here to fall for a man like Sebastian.

Sebastian Black came into my life like a storm in the peak of the night…dark, raging, all-consuming, and guaranteed to leave destruction in his wake. From the moment our eyes met, he had a hold on me. I wanted, craved, and needed him like nothing I had ever desired before.

The problem was he needed total submission. From the moment he handed me the contract, I knew what he was proposing would destroy me. What I had not planned was his ability to make me crave destruction. I would lose myself in him. Sebastian knew how to take me over the edge, and before I even knew it, I wanted to go freefalling.

It was evident that my past had the ability to destroy us. What I had not calculated was the power of his to do the same. My dark, brooding, impeccably sexual, alpha-male had his own crosses to bear. I was not sure I was strong enough to handle them, or the woman who helped chain him there.


WOW!!!! LOVED this book. It was the first book I have read from this author and I was excited I read this book. Danielle moves to New York to start over. I really loved her. I thought her character was strong. Geoff is her gay best friend and OMG I loved him. He was so funny. Then you have Sebastian. OMG wow I totally fell in love with him. I thought the storyline was solid and it was well written. I would recommend this book. 

Over all I give this book 5 stars!

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The elevator comes to an abrupt stop and the doors open. I try to pull away from him, but he nibbles on my neck and I let out another deep moan. The door slides closed once more. Sebastian stops it with his foot, dislodging his fingers and straightening my dress for me.

          “We’re here.”

“No we were there then you stopped.” I smile knowingly at him and follow him into the foyer, brightened only by warm, recessed lighting. 

I glance around looking for art on the walls, but all I see is beige, which is a direct contrast to the dark granite tiles at my feet. We move from the foyer into a more open kitchen, connected to a minimalistic living space. There is a steel table in the center with soft white couches on either side. 

Sebastian leads me to an island made of dark wood and marble, and gestures for me to sit on one of the white leather stools.

“Wine,” he suggests.

I smile. “Sure.”

“Dom. Romaine?” He asks, as he pulls an expensive looking bottle from the rack.

“Sebastian, I don’t know much about wine except that it's better when it’s not stale. I’m sure whatever you have will be fine.” 

He pours two glasses of a dark red and hands me one. I take a casual sip as I glance around, noting the granite countertops. 

 “Let’s move to the sitting room,” he says, taking my hand. “I want you as comfortable as possible for this.”  

My sex responds to his words and I feel a residual hunger building in me from our unfinished encounter just moments before. I follow him into the living room and sit on one of the plush white couches, noticing a fantastic stone fireplace, but still no art. He sits on the couch adjacent to mine.

“You know there’s plenty of room over here. I promise I won’t bite. Well, at least not that hard,” I say playfully.  

“I’m fine here, thank you,” he responds.

I can’t help the slump in my shoulders as I cross my legs and lean into the cushion for support.

“Danielle, you needn’t be disappointed. There are many things I want to do to your body, and I will do them all.” He smiles. “But, first I think we need to reach an agreement.”

I feel the excitement pulsing through my veins again. “Ok…”

He places his glass on the table and rises to his feet. “There’s something I should show you. Wait here.”

Kandice is…
…a serial lover of all things pink, self-proclaimed chocoholic, home-schooling mother, and wannabe yogi.
Her debut erotica novel, Run to You, the first in the series Run, is coming soon.
Kandi’s love of storytelling can be traced back to her fourth grade year, when a history lesson on Native Americans became too unimaginative for her liking.  She took it upon herself to liven things up by creating a story that was based on half-truths about a self-named Indian Princess. Kandice is in fact of Native American heritage (her great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee) and in her own mind a princess, so you can see where her inspiration came from.  Her story was a huge hit with friends, and an author was born.
Kandice was born and raised in rural Arkansas, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Though, if you ask her she’ll confirm that her soul is lost somewhere on the west coast waiting for the day that her body can rejoin it.

1.       First off tell us a little about yourself.
I’m pretty average, really. I’m a married mom of three. We homeschool our oldest two, our youngest is still in diapers. When I’m not writing, I’m running my health and wellness business. Sometimes, that is the other way around. In my free time, I love to read and watch movies. I also pretend to be a yogi.
2.       At what age did you start writing? What was the first thing that you written?
I started writing before I was old enough to put words on the page. What I mean by that is that I’ve always been a storyteller. When I was younger my imagination was so vivid that my parents gave me the cupboard under our stairs (Yes, like in Harry Potter.) to use as a playroom. It was the only way they could contain me. I would make up elaborate worlds and live there for days.
My first written story happened somewhere around the fourth grade, although admittedly it was greatly embellished with the help of imaginative narration when I was telling it. We were studying history and I was bored. I told my friends that I didn’t need to listen, because I was a Native American princess who had traveled through time.  After reading it, they started asking me so many questions that it became a huge disruption to the class. I had a lot of fun explaining that one to my mother.
3.      Can you tell us how you came up with the idea of your latest book/project? Did anything inspire you to write it?
Run to You was born out of heartache. I was a domestic abuse victim as a teenager. When my attacker died several years later, it affected me in ways I never dreamed of. My only coping mechanism is writing. When I don’t know how to verbalize feelings, I write them down. So that’s what I did. Before long, Dani and Sebastian were born and the story took on a life of its own.
4.      Can you tell us about your next book/project? Do you have a title/release date?
My next book will be Run From You, the second book in the Run series. It’s much more emotional than Run to You. Like the first book, I allowed the story to lead me and followed the voices. It took me to places inside of myself I hadn’t visited in many years, and in many instances places I never wanted to go to again. Hopefully, that is conveyed on the page.
Run From You is in the early stages of editing. You can look for it early this summer.
5.      If you weren’t a writer what do you see yourself doing?
Umm…I would be an Olympic Gold Medalist. Ha, no seriously, when I’m not writing I am a wife, mother, and business owner. I don’t really see myself as ever being anything else. I love being all three.
6.      Who are some of your favorite authors?
I always hate this question. There are just so many that I feel I don’t give enough credit where it is due. That being said a few that I love (in no particular order) are Sylvia Day, John Grisham, Sophie Kinsella, J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare, and Dr. Seuss. 
7.      What are your top 5 books that you have read?
This one is equally as hard. I think from my list of authors it is clear to see that I read pretty much everything. I don’t have a top five, because that would just be impossible. So, I’ll list the last five that gave me book hangover.
1.       The Fault in Our Stars
2.       Harry Potter (Yes, all these years later I’m still waiting for a whimsical world to escape to that will match the Ms. Rowling’s brilliance.)
3.      Sleeping Arrangements
4.      Triston and Isolde
5.      Night (Although, technically this is a nonfiction book and as such I’m not sure it can give one book hangover, it was still a captivating and heartbreaking read that grabbed on to me.)
Also, I just realized I didn’t list one single erotic romance. That’s what happens when you try to narrow the field, things get left out. There really are just way too many great books out there. I could fill an entire blog with them, and still not have enough room.

8.      What was the last book you have read? What book are you reading right now?
The last book I read was Stranger for the Night by C.J. Fallowfield. I’m currently reading the second book in the series, Virgin for the Night.
9.      Would you ever co-write with another author? If yes do you have someone in mind?
I never say never. If I was approached by someone, I would give it honest consideration. It is hard for me to imagine writing with someone else, however, because I don’t really plan what I’m writing. When I do, I always end up changing it along the way. So, I would need someone as chaotic and outside the box as I was, all while being able to handle my type-A compulsions. (Insert laughter reel here.)
10.   Does music inspire you? If yes what type of music usually does?
I love music. Good, bad, ugly, indie…I love it all. My best writing moments come from when I’m feeling intense emotions and listening to music that reflects those. For an example of what that would mean with Run to You, I have a book playlist on Spotify.
This part is optional.
1.       Favorite Animal
That’s easy. I love dolphins.
2.       Favorite food
I love Italian food, but I don’t like seafood so it’s a bit of an anomaly.
3.      Favorite Holiday
I’ve always been quite fond of Independence Day. I realize most people tend to overlook the majesty of this one. I also realize that my followers in other countries may not be able to relate. However, it is truly magical. I can’t imagine not getting teary at the words to The Star Spangled Banner or get starry-eyed while watching fireworks. It’s a beautiful reminder of the fact that our freedom isn’t truly free. Someone has paid a large price for it from the beginning, many “soemones” in fact. Also, my birthday is only five days later so for me it’s like a weeklong celebration of awesomeness. ;)
4.      Favorite Genre to read
I read everything from chick lit to young adult to erotica to mystery. The only thing I really don’t read is Sci-Fi. That said I would have to say that lately I’ve been reading more young adult and erotica than anything else.
5.      Favorite color

Pink. Is there any other color? 

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