Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Embracing Everly by Kelly Mooney Review Tour

Embracing Everly
by Kelly Mooney
Genre: New Adult Romance

When Mick O’Malley left Boston and casted aside his family with IRA ties, he never imagined finding solace within a club of Bounty Hunters. At 25 years old, he’d given up on love and trust and counted on only one person to get him through life—himself. When Mick finds himself doing a protection gig as a favor to his new mentor, he finds the one girl who can alter his out of whack views.

But he’s there to do a job, not fall in love with a girl who is off-limits. Mick was committed to protecting Everly and not failing his boss for a second time. But what’s the harm in one kiss? One time? One night?

Everly Moore was ready for her “real life” to begin. She had a lifelong dream of moving to New York to write music professionally. She didn’t realize the danger her father’s job had placed on her, or the fact that her new sexy and confident neighbor Mick O’Malley was sent there to protect her.

Mick knows how lies and secrets can destroy trust. Hell, he’s lived with those his whole life, but when those secrets are meant to protect her, he has no choice but to continue the deception.

When his secrets and lies are revealed, will it be too late to save Everly or will their need for one another beat the odds?
My Review
Received a Copy
Overall Rating 4 Stars
I thought when I started the book That I would not like it, but I end up loving this book. I thought it was a fantastic book. I liked Mick, I thought at some spots he was kind of cocky but in a good way. I found the story to be unique and interesting. It held my attention all the way through. Mick has a job to protect Everly, and he knows she is off limits. But can they both keep their hands off each other? 
I don't want to give the story away. But I do recommend this book. Great Job!

Kelly Mooney was born in Southern New Jersey and now resides in Upstate New York. She started writing Young Adult Romance novels, which she loved, but wanted a little more freedom with the characters that she had running around in her head. She now writes New Adult/Contemporary Romances. She has been on Amazon Best Seller List and on the top 100 iTunes charts. She has two children and two dogs and a very supportive hubby who keep her very busy when she’s not sitting in front of her computer. She loves to hear from her readers, so please email her or find on facebook.
Feel free to email her at mooneymama1@yahoo.com
www.twitter.com @mooneymama1

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