Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Soul To Keep by: Moira Keith

A Soul to Keep by Moira Keith
Release Date: June 30, 2014
Blurb: In the realm of the Fallen, there’s a little
saint and sinner in us all...
One moment can impact the future.
Love never served Jayde Cross well and owing a 
debt to a demon is the proof. Reaping is a lonely 
existence and with her thirtieth birthday 
approaching, she's got enough to worry about 
without adding romance to the mix. It's why her 
friendship with the man living next door works so 
well. They both live lives filled with secrets and 
ignoring their self-imposed rules isn’t an option. 
Too bad her heart disagrees.
The past is about to come back and haunt one of 
Heaven’s Fallen.
Caleb Thorne always found living among mortals 
difficult, until he met the intriguing woman down 
the hall. She demands nothing of him and is completely safe. When an enemy from his 
past catches up with him, Caleb soon discovers the rules of the Fallen exist for a reason 
and loving a mortal may prove to be the bigger danger.
In a world where their love is forbidden, Jayde and Caleb may just discover that 
sometimes breaking rules is the only thing that can set you free.

Authors Bio: Moira Keith is a lover of shoes, a connoisseur of Guinness, baker of
cocktail themed cupcakes, and an overall complete mess! She is also a proud Texan by 
birth (and true Southern girl at heart).
Moira lives in the city of neon with her twin zombie sons, a fish, three parakeets, and a 
Do you have a tag line: Where there’s magic...mayhem will follow.
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