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Red Rex Blood Echoes by: Calinda B. Spotlight Tour with Interview

“Your true name is Red Rex. The baddest of badasses, an alpha warrior beyond compare…” Or, at least, that’s what he’s been told.  Eighteen year old Gaige Dupond has his life all mapped out. Lose his virginity to Emily. Get married. Become a pro soccer player and travel the world.  His father, a pure-bred Deltarc from another planet, whose race is growing extinct on planet Earth, has other plans—either confirm that he truly takes after his warrior father, and not his dearly departed empath mother, or snuff out his existence.  All plans go awry, however, when the dangerous red darkness in Gaige is awakened like a beam of hell flickering from his right eye. Pursued by a vicious Deltarc bounty hunter, Deltarc tracking hounds and his father’s wicked minions, he loses his home, his life, all that he holds dear in pursuit of the truth. In his quest to find his mother, victim to a corrupt cryopreservation project in outer space, and right the wrongs inflicted on him, he finds something far darker—his own sinister motivations and the need to feed on something other than human food. His only companion, a lab rat refugee named Sojourn, Gaige knows he’ll never be loved—not in the way he’d always envisioned. Will he find the revenge he’s seeking, or will he become an evil replica of his father? That’s the last thing he’d ever wish on himself, but it may be his only option for survival. 

Excerpt: The babe he now knew as Susan slowly sauntered toward Gaige. “Mm mm mmm,” she said, her eyes making a lazy sweep of his body. “Where do you want to do this?”
Gaige cocked his head, his erection straining against his filthy jeans. “Seems a little public here. What do you have in mind?”
“Come with me.” Susan grabbed for his hand.
The skin contact stung, sending a searing shock up his arm.  His right eye began to glow like a light switch had been flipped inside.
You’re supposed to do this when they’re asleep, Red Rex.
“It’s Gaige. Gaige.”
I hear your thoughts, his rat, Sojourn, said.
Susan stilled. “What did you say?”
“The name’s Gaige. I thought you might want to know who you’re going to fuck.” Gaige grinned at her, feeling very turned on.
Susan turned to him. “Whoa, I must be drunker than I thought. I’m seeing things. Your eye’s all red, like a holiday light bulb.” She snickered, stumbled and caught her balance, grabbing Gaige’s arm. “Oh my.” She stroked his biceps. “Aren’t you solid? This will be fun.”
He closed his eyes as the red darkness gathered from her touch.
She snagged his hand and pulled him down the street.
You’re supposed to do this when they’re asleep, the rat repeated. Don’t you ever listen? In the delta or theta, not alpha or beta.
“Shut up, rat, you’re messing with my head.”
I can hear your thoughts, stupid human.
“What did you say?” She turned again, blinking and squinting. “Yep, pretty fucked up. Now you’re glowing red all over.” She shrugged and led him into a dark dirt parking lot—the kind used during day hours and abandoned at night. “Here we are. My favorite place to fuck.” She backed up to the side of a brick building, and yanked up her skirt. Next she took his hand and guided it between her legs.
No panties. Gaige, feeling like a kid in a candy store, groaned, feeling her slippery heat. The red in him flared like shooting flames.
Susan laughed. “I really shouldn’t have eaten that E-bomb.”
“You took a happy pill?” Gaige said. I wonder what that will do to her brain waves. Gaige had never done drugs in his life but the effect of her ecstasy high made his erection stiffen to the point of pain.
“Just one teensy little tab, no big deal. And right now you look like a big red fuckable male and I am very horny. Feel.” She spread her thighs wide.
He plunged a finger inside her and moaned.
I’m telling you. She needs to be asleep.
“Shut up, rat.”
She frowned and blinked. “Did you call me a rat?”
“Uh, no. Sorry. Shut up, you’re all that. All that juicy. That’s what I said. Just feel what I’m doing to you, baby.”

Author Bio:
The Fun Part: Calinda B was told early on that she should be a writer. She heard frequent praise for her writing, as well as her sense of humor. Scoffing at such admonitions and praise, she went on to pursue her life of adventure, chock full of the things that make up a well-rounded adventurous life: music (yup, she was a singer in a rock and roll band), dance (even performed hip hop in Russia), rock climbing (ever hung from a rock wall a few stories up? Yikes!), fire walking (taught high-ranking Moscow fire officials how to walk the coals), kayaking, scuba diving (she's in love with sharks), travel, and falling in love again and again.
Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats, she has now chosen to put fingers to keyboard and write - when she's not in pursuit of another adventure!
The Daily Grind: College educated and life-experienced, Calinda B has worked in the world of computers and technology for a long time. Before that she worked in the world of health and fitness, as well as art. Throughout her career she has relied on her writing abilities to write articles, ad copy and web content.

1.) Tell us a little about yourself.
Wow. Have a couple weeks? I’ve lived a wild and crazy life. I learned to say YES to life and life experience many years ago and have a rich life as a result. Some of it painful. Some of it joyful. All of it interesting. So many stories to tell that are real. A friend once told me he thought I made them up. I told him, “You don’t make this kind of stuff up!” Here’s an example: I once taught firewalking in Ukraine. Many high ranking fire officials were there from Moscow, all uniformed and serious. I taught through translation so have no idea what was actually said. The fire officials sat with arms crossed through the whole lecture part, making me very nervous. When we went out to the coals, they marched across. Then, they ran across. They picked me up and whirled me around, asking me to make the fire hotter (or that’s what the translator said; they could have been asking me out on a hot date). It was one of my more memorable firewalks. I’ve walked safely hundreds of times, across 40’ of hot coals, walked 108 times around and around a bed of coals, bent rebar with my throat, broke boards with my hand, almost tried bungee jumping (I dated one of the big dude bungee jumpers years ago), was a rock climber, tried ice climbing and came home being dragged out of the park on a makeshift stretcher (fell off a cliff, connected by my crampon at the top, dangling off the edge), currently scuba dive and kayak…oh, the fun times I have.

2.) When did you start to write?
I’ve written loads of website content and articles throughout my career as a web designer. As for writing fiction for publication, since 2011

3.) What Genre’s do you write?
Paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary romance, all with a sizzling heat level.
4.) Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre?
Oh, sometimes I muse on it, but I love the genres I write.

5.) Can you tell us a little about your new project?
Besides endless edits? (laughs) I’ve got six books signed with a new publisher and three of them have been returned to me for edits.
Currently, I’m working on Trouble Times Two, the sequel to Looks Like Trouble to Me. I’m fascinated with What Makes a Guy Grow Up. In my experience, it’s usually a child. In this case, it’s the child of a drug addict, which is another fascinating topic, fueled by the experience of a friend’s family trying to adopt a little girl whose parents clearly aren’t fit for the job. I spoke with a therapist friend of mine who informed me, if the mother’s a drug addict and the father’s got a record, they can still retain their child, even if they don’t want her! Unreal!
6.) Do you have any new releases coming out anytime soon? If yes what is the title and when can we expect it?
My Wicked Series will be re-released with my new publisher before the end of the year (assuming I get through all the edits - kidding!). I love that series and can’t wait for it to be returned to the public.
7.) What are you currently reading? What was the last book you read?
Currently reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. Great book. Before that I read a bunch of books by Jay Crownover - Rule, Rome, Jet and Nash. Bad boys with good hearts and the willingness to change and learn to love.
8.) Who are some of your favorite authors?
Jodi Picoult, JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Jay Crownover, Helena Hunting, Lianne Moriarty, Diana Gabaldon...the list goes on and on.
9.) Can you tell us about your newest book that you have release?
I wrote Red Rex: Blood Echoes during this past, turbulent summer. A lot of crazy stuff was going on in my life. I poured a lot of my own personal angst into the story and aimed to write a little differently. I came up with a unique character with a unique twist. He’s a young guy, age eighteen, but he has to grow up in a hurry thanks to his asshole, alien father. All the normal plans he had for his life - marry Emily, go pro in soccer, travel the world, blow up on one strange night. His rapid maturation takes him on a thrilling journey, trying to find his mother who’s in a state of cryostasis somewhere. His sole companion is a soul cleaning rat named Sojourn. Top it off with him thinking he’ll never find anyone to love him, life in space, and lots of action and you have one adventurous tale.
10.) Which of your books you written is your favorite? Favorite Character?
Since I’m currently editing the Wicked Series, I have to say I love this series and I love Cam Tyson, the hero. He’s a bad boy with a good heart and a willingness to embrace things he doesn’t understand, like his glowing girlfriend. I also like Kayden, the “manlike creature” Cam refers to as “Fabio” and whom he can’t stand since Kayden adores Cherie, Cam’s girlfriend.
And, I have to say, each time I release a book, I think, “This one’s my favorite!”


1.) Favorite Color: Red and Caribbean-sea blue

2.) Favorite Singer: Changes all the time. Could be John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Usher, Pharrel, Alicia Keys, Artemis, Ani di Franco, John Legend….just depends on my mood.
3.) Favorite Season: Autumn, hands down!
4.) Favorite Food: Healthy and organic. ;-)
5.) Favorite Animal: Changes all the time - I love animals. But I’d have to give a nod to cats of all kinds.

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