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BLOG TOUR w/ Excerpt The Curse at Pirate's Cove by: Rita Monette

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“When one man’s treasure is another man’s curse"

Book Information:

Title: The Curse at Pirate’s Cove

Series:  Nikki Landry Swamp Legends, Book 2

Author Name: Rita Monette

Genre(s): Middle Grade, Adventure, Mystery

Tags: Middle Grade, Adventure, Pirates, Bayou, Louisiana

Length: Approx. 208 pages

E-book:  978-1-987976-02-1
Paperback:  978-1-987976-01-4

Re-Release Date: Nov.17, 2015

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

About the Book:

Nikki Landry is turning eleven years old, and is looking forward to riding her bike to school. That is until it falls apart. Papa can’t afford a new one. Is she doomed to ride the smelly old school bus from now on?

Hearing of an old pirate ship, and a legend about long-ago pirates burying treasure on a nearby swamp island, Nikki sees a way out. But when she makes a birthday wish for the pirate’s gold, things go terribly wrong. Did her wish trigger an ancient curse?

Join Nikki and her friends as they find themselves sailing away aboard a haunted schooner with ghostly pirates into the Gulf of Mexico … and into the year eighteen fourteen.

How will they ever find their way back home?

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Meet the Author:

Rita Monette was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. She loves to write stories set in the beautiful, yet mysterious, bayous and swamps of her home state.

Her middle grade series, The Nikki Landry Swamp Legends, is based on tales told by her father—who made his living in those bayous—of reasons to stay out of the swamp.

She currently lives with her husband, four lap dogs, and one lap cat, in the mountains of Tennessee. Besides writing and illustrating, she loves watching the many birds that make their habitat on the Cumberland Plateau, working in the garden, and frequenting waterfalls.

Social Media Links:

Twitter  https://twitter.com/RitaMonette


“That looks kinda boring,” I said.
Papa closed the book. “Yeah, it is.” I think he knew I wanted to talk. Papa was smart like that.
“Papa, you know all the swamps around here pretty good, don’t you?”
“Reckon I do, cher. Been trapping and fishing them since I was your age.”
“Well, have you ever heard anything about a pirate ship near Fog Island?”
“You’re talking about Pirate’s Cove.”
“I didn’t hear nothing about a Pirate’s Cove…but there’s a legend Spikes—”
Papa laughed. “I could keep you up all night telling you all the legends I’ve heard around these parts, Tadpole…I mean Nikki.”
“Have you actually seen the ship?”
“I’ve seen lots of old shipwrecks out in those swamps. That one you’re talking about stays afloat and comes into the cove when the tide is low.”
“So the legend is true?”
Papa’s voice and face got more serious. “I told you what I think about legends, Nikki. There’s always some truth in them, but most of it is someone’s imagination.”
“But Mr. Sikes told about some old man that found the treasure years back.”
Papa’s straight mouth turned into a big old grin. “I heard that tale when I was about twelve or so. Me and a couple friends of mine, Tee-Joe and Willie, just about dug that whole island up looking for treasure. We finally got tired of that adventure and went on to something else.”
“Did you ever go on the ship?”
“Me and Tee-Joe started to get on it once. We heard some noises coming from below. We got scared and never went back. It was probably some critters…or ghostly pirates.”
I felt a chill. “You’re trying to scare me, ain’t you?”
He did one of his evil laughs and wiggled his forehead. “No, my wee one. Just trying to keep you from getting on that old thing and being whisked away to the land of pirates…destined to a life of sin…with rum drinking, robbing, and making people walk the plank.” He grabbed me by my ribs and shook me.
I giggled. “Papa, you’re being silly.”
“Seriously, stay away from that old wreck. It’s dangerous. Now let me get through this boring book. It’s for my job. Sheriff says I got to take some sort of test to get certified.”


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