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Author Spotlight with Samantha Jacobey

Author Bio:
I was born and raised in Texas. I have a BS in Management and am a certified high school science teacher. I have 4 sons, ages 11 to 23, and a brand new baby granddaughter. Regular old boring stuff really =)

Questions, Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these!!!
1.    When did you decide to write? I decided to try my hand at writing last year, more or less on a whim, when I heard a story on the news and realized that this crazy tale that had been swimming around inside my head for over two decades wasn’t so far-fetched after all.
2.    How did you come up with the idea of your newest book? My newest book is the 3rd one in the series, A New Life. The entire series was conceived, or began as a tiny idea, about 25 years ago, and has been growing and changing ever since.
3.    What Genre do write? My current series is adult (18+) mystery suspense thriller romance erotica… stuff. Even my readers have a hard time deciding where to classify it…
4.    Would you ever write with another author if asked? I think it would be interesting to try, if the story line interested me, and we were close enough to meet in person to hang out and work on it together from time to time.
5.    Who is your biggest inspiration? I get inspired by lots of things, and I would have to say the majority of my stuff comes from conflict. I love to see how people work out their differences, and I incorporate a lot of that into the things that I write about.
6.    Who are some of your favorite authors? All time is Charles Dickens, and I am sure my fans all know that because my answer there never varies. Otherwise, I have lots of new and emerging writers that have read and have in my nook to read, far too many to name.
7.    What genre do you like to read? I like to read good stories, and I don’t really care what category they fall into. I love action, suspense, thrills, surprises (hate cookie-cutter stories) and of course love stories.
8.    What was the last book that you read? The Meat Market by James Chalk – omg it was crazy insane, totally unbelievable thrill ride. I love it.
9.    What are you working on? Actually, I just finished book 5 in the series and am more or less writing 6 & 7 simultaneously. They are the last two in the series, as far as I am going with it, and I am just sketching them out right now, putting a few scenes in as the feeling takes me. For example, I woke up at 4 am this morning with the final scene in book 6 bouncing around in my head, so I got up and put that on paper. After I am finished with this phase, I will go back and fill in the blanks and connect up all the parts. I don’t know that anyone else writes that way, but it seems to be working pretty well for me so far.

Fun Questions:
1.    Favorite Animal – black panther
2.    Favorite Color - green
3.    Favorite Food - mexican
4.    Favorite Genre of Music – 80’s metal
5.    Favorite Season – summer, I guess… never really picked one lol

Captive - A New Life Novel… To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering?

Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairy tale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival.

After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life, but now she must face the cold hard truth… there is always a price to be paid.

**** EXCERPT 1 from CAPTIVE by Samantha Jacobey*****
Tori was sitting in one of the padded chairs, knees curled to her chest and arms wrapped, when Eli Founder arrived the next morning. She had been sitting for some time, watching the sunrise bring light to the lush green outside her small window.
The Dragons slept and lived outdoors routinely, and she was beginning to feel penned up being indoors for so many days now. "How was the bed?" Eli asked as he took the seat opposite of her. A blank stare was her only response, so he mumbled a simple "Well, you'll get there," and let the subject drop.
Tori lay her left cheek on her knees, watching out into the patio for several minutes. Finally, in a low voice, she inquired, "Why am I here?"
Eli shifted in his seat, wanting to be precise with his words. "You're here for evaluation, and to heal." He drew a deep breath to continue, catching himself before he spoke, and then exhaled slowly in silence.
Tori's head popped up, and she asked again in a more forceful tone, "No, I mean why am I here." She added emphasis to the word 'here' by reaching out with her right hand to stab the table with her index finger.
At his surprised look, she continued with the irritation clear in her voice, "I told you the knife was mine. I told you the Dragons got what they deserved. I did it. I killed them. Why am I not in a prison or a cell or something?"

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Bound - A New Life Novel… Raised by bikers and held by the FBI, Tori Farrell has literally walked over dead men to get to where she is today.

When she broke the ties to her dark and twisted life with the Dragons, she thought it would give her a fresh start and a chance to live a normal life. However, she soon discovered the demons from her past have no desire to let her go.

Bound to a halfway house under orders of the FBI, Tori takes things day by day, working to move forward and to face her own addictions. With her true identity a mystery and no family to turn to, she must learn to accept the love and support of those around her. When a mysterious and charismatic man walks into Tori’s life, she believes she’s finally found someone who wants her for who she is. But sometimes danger doesn’t hide cloaked in darkness…it comes out into the light of day in the form of a smooth talking bad boy who appears to be everything you’ve been looking for, but is really the one thing you should be running from…

**** EXCERPT 1 from BOUND by Samantha Jacobey*****
Special Agent Eli Founder sat on his bed, staring at the small volume of German Fairy tales. He had retrieved it from the hospital for her, and intended to place it inside the suitcase with her belongings, a special message penned on the first few pages.
The problem was, he had been about the task for over an hour and was still torn with what he should write. The girl had moved him in a way he had never expected, and although he could admit to himself that their relationship would more than likely end, it hurt. He wanted the chance to let it play out, regardless of where it led. He wanted the chance to love her. Most of all, he wanted to cling to the possibility that they would have more time.
Running his fingers through his coal black hair, he spoke out loud, despite the fact that he was alone in the apartment. “You better suck it up, big boy. In the end, this comes down to one thing. You’ve still got a job to do. And so does she…” His voice trailed away and he pulled the cap off of the felt tipped pen, scrawling in clean cursive:
My Dearest Tori,
I know the past was filled with difficult times and your future feels uncertain.
Understand that you are not alone in your quest and that even though your path will not be an easy one, you are strong and you will endure, so long as you endeavor to persevere.
My thoughts and hopes are with you.
Yours Always,

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Entwined – A New Life Novel… Nothing is more cruel then getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin.

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When she gets a visit from a ghost out of her past, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that – put her back into the game of murder and deceit.

Tori decides to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA. Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her plan only holds one flaw – a man she can’t shake, who won’t take no for an answer. Who is this mysterious stranger and what does he want from her? Tori will soon discover that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.

******* EXCERPT 2 from ENTWINED by Samantha Jacobey!*******
“So, are you gonna help me or not?” Henry demanded, angry now at the younger man’s surliness.
Michael studied the brown eyes that matched his own. Running his fingers through his dark brown curls, he exhaled loudly, “Yeah, well, I don’t really have a choice, now do I? So, what’s your plan?”
“It’s simple,” Henry replied matter-of-factly. “You take Eddie’s job and you do it. And you wait. When I’m able to get her away from them, I’ll send her to you; I know you’ll look after her for me. However long that takes, you gotta promise me you’ll wait. And promise me you’ll take care of her.”
Michael stared at his half-brother blankly, thinking, 'that’s the stupidest plan I have ever heard.' Clenching his jaw, he kept his mouth shut.
Henry looked dejected at his lack of response, “She’s special, Michael. I never told anyone what she means to me. But I guess you’ve seen more than I wanted you to. I’d risk everything I got and all that I am for her.”
“You know what the odds of us being successful at this are? Eddie’ll kill us all if he even thinks we’re making plans like this.” Michael wasn’t scared of Eddie, but he knew what the man was capable of.
Henry nodded once again. “Yeah, I know. But we gotta try. She deserves a chance, no matter the odds.”

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