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Author Spotlight with Sarah Robinson

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Author Bio:
Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degree in psychology while working as a mental health therapist with poor and homeless populations with severe mental illnesses as well as an advocate for a national cancer research foundation. Her previous work experiences include working in a sex offender rehabilitation center, teaching victim empathy classes in an adult detention center, and counseling schizophrenic patients.  All of these in depth work experiences in such intense environments have given her a plethora of experiences to draw from when writing crime dramas.

Writing has been her hobby since high school and she has been published several times from poetry to articles to short stories, and now novels.  Her most recent article was published on Indie Writer’s Guide.  Her most recent poetry was published in Blue Ink Literary Magazine.

Sand & Clay was her first full length novel and will have a sequel coming out in 2015.  Sand & Clay reached Amazon’s Top 100 Hot Reads in October 2013. Her second book is called Tainted Bodies and is the first part of The Photographer Trilogy. Tainted Bodies came out on January 1st, 2014 with other parts of the trilogy to follow later in 2014.  She also has a large following on the popular social media site for book lovers, Goodreads.  Sarah Robinson’s Facebook fan site quickly exploded when she created it in September 2013 and has now reached over 9,900 likes.  She updates it personally and loves interacting with her fans through all her social media platforms.  Several blogs have also highlighted Sarah’s work including a one week blog tour in October 2013 highlighting her first novel, Sand & Clay, in which over 40 blogs participated in reviews, promos, cover reveals, interviews, and giveaways.  This was followed by a second blog tour in February 2014 for her second book, Tainted Bodies, in which 65 blogs participated.  Tainted Bodies reached Amazon Bestseller status in both Crime Romance and Crime Thriller on April 4th, 2014! Her third book, Tainted Pictures, will be the second installment in The Photographer Trilogy following Tainted Bodies and goes live on April 18th, 2014!

Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love and emotions and the struggles of finding your destined path through life as well as overcoming life’s tragedies and misfortunes. She combines psychological complexities and human emotions to create very real characters experiencing life in a very real way.  Her books focus on redemption and forgiveness, learning to build on what has been broken.

Much of her inspirations come from the amazing love she shares with her new husband, Justin Robinson, and the emotions around falling head over heels in love with your soul mate. She and her new husband are also big animal rescue enthusiasts and have 16 pets as well as volunteering with multiple animal shelters and rescues. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 kittens, 1 box turtle, 1 snapping turtle, 3 smaller aquatic turtles, and a slew of baby minnow fish.  Her celebrity idol is Ellen DeGeneres, she even named one of her dogs after her (her certified service dog Shih Tzu-Bichon mix named Elly) and she never misses a show, thanks to the powers of DVR!


Questions, Thank you Sarah for taking time to answer these for me!!
1.    When did you decide to write?
-I have been writing my whole life!  I started with poetry when I was younger as more of an emotional outlet however I ended up getting quite a bit of it published in literary magazines.  I began writing more and I loved it!  Last year I was laid off and suddenly had some free time so I decided to write and that’s where my first book came from!
2.    How did you come up with the idea of your newest book?
-Tainted Pictures is the second book in The Photographer Trilogy and is coming out on Friday, April 18th!!  The first book, Tainted Bodies, is actually about 75% based on a true story which is where I came up with it but then I just let my imagination run wild...and The Photographer Trilogy was born!!
3.    What Genre do write?
-Romantic Suspense mainly but also contemporary romance.
4.    Would you ever write with another author if asked?
-I think I would, it hasn’t come up yet but it might be fun!  I would probably enjoy doing a compilation work more than composing one combined work.  I think it’s hard to find another writer out there with the same style and voice as me!  I am one of a kind!
5.    Who is your biggest inspiration?
-My fans!  The fact that they keep supporting me and keep rooting for me, that’s what inspires me!
6.    Who are some of your favorite authors?
-I have so many that its hard to name them all but I recently discovered and adore Renee Dyer and Alisa Mullen!! I also love AC Marchman and M. Robinson and so many other ladies!
7.    What genre do you like to read?
-Romantic suspense and mysteries are probably still my favorite but I love a variety so I read everything!
8.    What was the last book that you read?
-I am currently reading Living Again by LL Collins which is awesome so far.  I also just finished Black Box by Cassia Leo, Maybe Someday and Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover, and Waking Up by Renee Dyer!
9.    What are you working on?
-I am currently finishing writing the final book in The Photographer Trilogy as well as a secret project coming out after that which is going to be FANTASTIC!!  It will be a stand alone book different than anything I have ever written before with a plot that will make you fall in love and fall apart all at the same time!

Fun Questions:

1.    Favorite Animal
-My husband and I have over 14 pets so its hard to pick!! I love dogs and cats the most though!
2.    Favorite Color
-Cerulean blue!!
3.    Favorite Food
-Anything Greek!!  Love my heritage!
4.    Favorite Genre of Music
-I am so eclectic so I love a lot of alternative things but I also just love a bit of everything!
5.    Favorite Season
-Fall!!  Pumpkin spice lattes, anyone???

By: Sarah Robinson

Overall Rating: 5 + stars
Character Rating: 5+ Stars
Story Line: 5+ Stars

          First off I want to say, I have another new favorite author. WOW… This book was a fast and enjoyable read, I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put it down. This book in very intriguing and interesting. It has your romance, the humor and then a serious issue. My emotions where defiantly on high reading this book. This book even had a little suspense to it, which was really good.
          Kate and Annie are sisters, I LOVE the relationship that they have. They come from a broken family, their mother just ups and leave because of a situation that was going on with Kate when she was younger. Then their father passes away, and they are left to be raise by their father’s friend! Years later one day in the coffee shop Kate runs into Derrick. OH MY DERRICK!!! They hit it off, Derrick has issues that he has to get over with and so does Kate. Then here comes the twist… A SHOCKING ONE….. I will not give it away. This is a book that is a MUST READ!!!
          Sarah you did an amazing job, OMG one of my new favorite books of the year. I can’t wait for book 2!! Thanks for writing an incredible book.  J


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