Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Thoughts for Today

Issues: Bullying 

Bullying in the Author World

Bullying today is so bad, it doesn't just happen to school children, it also happens to adults. And I've notice that it is happening to authors. I was bullied by a group of people last year and it almost destroyed me. The messages I had received were horrible. It was to the point I almost gave up on writing. The reason why I was threatened that they would give me poor ratings and get me blackballed from different blogs. Yes I have gotten 1 star ratings on my book, but after awhile I shook it off and said to myself I will NOT let the bullies win. 

Also I've notice that a few other authors are victims of bullying. Now I don't have all the details, but all I ask for the readers, fans and friends of my fellow authors stand up against bullying. Don't let them win. I've notice Goodreads is a perfect place for bullies. They leave one star ratings to tear us authors down. My request to the authors is to just simply ignore them, laugh them off. Don't give in to the them, they feed off that. If they see you all upset about what they have done, then they know they have won. And they want to just claim all the victory. Don't let them..

I have an 11 year old son who is Autistic and has ADHD, and I remind him EVERYDAY that bullying is bad, and if he ever sees it he is to tell me or an adult. I do NOT tolerate that under my roof. He understands that bullying is bad. My point to this is if an 11 year understands that Bullying is bad why can't grown adults figure that out. 



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  2. Its such a destructive way to live. People who purposely hurt others should be ashamed. I know its not realistic that everyone get along but thats no reason to bully.....live and let live....be kind not cruel! <3

  3. Unfortunately it is rampant in the writing world. Persevere despite all of them.