Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog Tour and Review of My Mistake by: Anne Conley

Title –   My Mistake          
Series – Stories of Serendipity
Author- Anne Conley
Genre- Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publication Date-  April 10, 2014
Length (Pages/#words)-  70,000 words
Publisher –  Anne Conley
Cover Artist – Vanessa Booke

My Mistake (#7)

By: Anne Conley

Overall Rating: 5+ Stars
Character Rating: 5 + Stars
Story Line: 5+ Stars

***Received an copy for her blog tour***
This is the first book that I’ve read from this author and wow, I couldn’t put it down, and she did an amazing job. The details of the story were believable and I felt like I could relate to Casey. I was up late reading this book.
Casey had a broken marriage, her husband lied and cheated all because she couldn’t have any kids. Back home she was watching a guy work on the roof, come to find out it was her long-time crush Brent. They reminisce about the past and they hope for the future.  But Brent has a past that he is ashamed of. When Casey finds out it hurts her badly. Brent then thinks about digging back into his past because of the hurt he was going through. There is a little twist in there, I will not share because that’s a big part of the story.
This story was very emotional, my heart broke for both of them, because all they wanted to do is forget the past so they could move on together. Did they move forward? Did they end up having that HEA??? Well I will say please read this book, you will get those answers. Overall I wish I could’ve given it more than 5 stars. Thank you for writing a wonderful story!!! <3 

Author bio-

Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats.  She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound.  Anne’s Stories of serendipity feature real people, living life and finding love in a small town.  She also has a Paranormal Romance series, the Four Winds about archangels “falling” in love and coping with turning into humans Her writing is escapist therepy, and she succumbs to it every chance she gets.


Appropriate for all audiences:
When he came back around to the front of the barn, she was sitting on top of a bale of hay, holding up a brown paper back with a grease stain on the bottom.  Mooch, traitor that he was, perched at her feet, looking up at her adoringly, waiting for her to drop the bag.
“Mama sent some chicken and biscuits.”
He grunted an acknowledgment, and pulled his hat lower over his eyes so he didn’t have to see the pain in hers.
She stood, setting the bag down next to her, and sauntered over to the stall where he was spreading fresh straw.
“What’s wrong?”
He couldn’t think of the words to say to her.  Everything that came to mind was wrong, and Brent knew that there was no way to have this conversation without hurting her.  But he had to, or else he would end up hurting her worse in the long run.
As he kicked straw around the floor of the stall, he knew he was being stupid.  For the last two weeks, all he’d talked about was how badly he wanted her to stay with him.  And now he was about to do this…
He finally stopped when she said, “Brent.  You’re scaring me.  Is this about me not being able to have kids?”
“No.”  Brent brushed past her to go to the feed room.  Rattling the bucket brought in the mare, an enormous equine with a shaggy coat and bones showing through loose skin.  She followed him into the stall, as he emptied the bucket into her feed trough, and then started pulling the injections from his pockets and preparing them silently.
When he had the first one ready, he finally got the guts to raise his head and look at Casey and deliver the brilliant line he’d spent the past ten minutes coming up with.  “I need to think about some stuff.”  
Her mouth dropped, and Brent lowered his head to the mare’s shoulder.  While she was distracted, eating, he pinched some skin between his gloved fingers and stuck in the needle, pushing the plunger.
Brent had no idea what happened next.  All he was aware of was a swift intake of breath, before he saw a wall of brown crush into him, then a jumble of whinnies, a frantic woof, a shrill scream, some clatters, then hoofs aimed at his chest, before blackness took over.

A Little Racier:
     He rolled over on his side, spooning Casey against his chest, holding her close.  She could feel him inhale deeply, and exhale with repletion.
“This hay is itchy,” she remarked as he sucked on her shoulder.  She was pretty sure he was leaving hickeys.
“Is it?” He mumbled, distractedly.
“Yes, it is.  Are you done out here for today?  Or can we go inside?”
“Nope.  I’ve still got some things to do out here.” He moved his mouth lower on her back and started sucking a new spot.
“Like what?”
“Well, I intended to have sex with you on that barrel, but somehow got distracted.  So, sex on the barrel is first on my agenda.  After that there’s a spot in the hayloft I wanted to try out.”  He rubbed his stubble against her back as he talked and she arched against it.  “Then there’s my office…I’ve been imagining some really amazing things in my office.  And the tack room…”  He thrust his newly erect again penis against her rear.  “Do you have any idea how much leather there is in the tack room?  Oh god, all that leather.”  He started to stand, dragging her with him.  “I want to start in the tack room.”
She was suddenly reminded of a child, and laughed out loud at him.  “Is sex all you think about?”
He froze and his face fell, as he looked to the ceiling in thought.  Finally, his eyes met hers again.  “Not always.  There’s times when I just imagine you naked.”  He scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder impervious to her squeals before he stalked towards the tack room and kicked the door open.



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