Monday, April 7, 2014

The Reason by: Jen Andrews

The Reason (Just Say Yes #1)

By: Jen Andrews.

Rating: Overall:  5 Stars
Character Growth: 5 Stars
Story Line: 5 Stars

My Review

NOOOO!!!!! That didn't just end the way it did, didn't see that coming!! Holy Moly cliffhanger. This is Jen's debut book and boy did she do a fantastic job. I very well loved this story line, the characters, all of it. 

Zoey is my favorite in this book, she went through so much stuff and in my opinion she came out swinging and showing her weaknesses and strengths. At the beginning I was in tears because of what her mother was doing. No mother should abandon their children. She ends up meeting a handsome Andy and the story really develops from there. 

Then I got to the end, which I didn't want it to end. Boy I need book 2 like right NOW. lol. Great Job Jen, and thank you for writing this masterpiece, truly one of my favorite for this year. Highly recommend this book


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