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Author Spotlight with Andrea Michelle. Books and Review

Author Bio:
I am just a mom who had a dream to share my words with the world.
Well, I suck at writing bios, but it’s a necessary evil.

I love poetry and music. In fact, that is where my writing obsession began as a young teen. You can find my original poetry and songs I have written in my novels. I gave it to my characters and now I share it with you. I adore music. I believe music can heal any bad day, or inspire a great love story. I don’t have a favorite genre of music as I listen to everything but bluegrass. It really depends on my mood. However, I love to write with Jared Leto in my ear. He’s good company. I am a dreamer—a true Gemini. I often stare off into space where my fictional friends play. I love to escape into a great book (any genre). I have to drink coffee in the morning to be human. Sweet tea and fave red starbursts are my guilty pleasures, sometimes chocolate when necessary. I love wine. It’s my tool for relaxing with my imaginary friends. I am in love with romance in any facet of life. I love it in books, on film, in songs and when it’s full of angst. Maybe, I wasn’t hugged enough as a child. ;) I don’t believe all romances end in HEA, that’s not reality. However, in my mind when I read and watch movies where the ending isn’t what I desire—I change it. It unfolds in my brain the way I need it to, so the story never ends. I’m weird, yes, I know. I am very blessed to have found my soulmate at a very young age, married him at twenty. The sweetest of my blessings are my three daughters. My oldest and I share a very close book love with one another. I do believe she will one day follow in my footsteps and try the hat of being an author. I am excited, yet nervous to share my passion with you, but I look forward to the journey ahead. I love to hear from my readers, and I encourage those connections.

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The Shifting Series will consist of three novels and one novella as of right now.

  • Escape the Doubt
  • Embrace the Moment
  • Evoke the Wicked
  • Emerge into Forever

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Embrace the Moment (Shifting #2)

By: Andrea Michelle

Overall Rating 5 Stars

****Reviewed for Hooked On Books****

            I was excited about this book for months, after reading the first book I really wanted to read the second book. Andrea knows how to draw in an audience. This book was filled with intense emotions. It had me crying numerous times. I just adore and love Riley and Josh.
            It starts off with Riley having an accident and is injured because her ex-boyfriend Dean pushes her because he is drunk, that sets everything in motion. Riley and Josh’s relationship is tested, you get to see the ups and downs of it. Boy does it get emotional. Then the ending comes too soon and it is a CLIFFHANGER!!! I really need to know what happens next. This book will not disappoint you, I found this book steamier than the first book. This book can be for anyone 17 and older. But you need to read the first book before jumping into this one. This is a most read book and series.
            I could see the author’s growth in writing and I am so proud of her. The details and descriptions are perfect. If I could give this book 6 stars I would. Thank you Andrea for writing a great book.

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