Thursday, May 15, 2014

Singling Out Sable by Isabella Rose Norton Release Day Blitz!!!!

Sable has never been one to believe that she would be popular or well-known.  She would settle for being acknowledged.  Maybe she should rethink that thought.  Acknowledgement would mean being brought to the spotlight.  If there is one thing that she didn't want, it would be that hateful spotlight.  She had enough attention thrown her way.
Enter The Marauding Misfits Drama Team and Danté Pierson.  Danté is the one boy that has decided to recognize that she is not only alive but also female.  Sixteen years of age and finding herself having feelings for the only junior her evil, dimwitted cousin has called herself liking as well. 
Jenna Nielson Turner could be about to run into oncoming traffic and Sable would have to think twice about actually shouting a warning or not.  It was a sign of just how NOT close they were.  
After enduring many a day of torture and bullying at the hand of Jenna, Sable finds that Danté was the one person that Sable found herself willing to fight for.  Jenna was about to see a totally different side of Sable Hannah Turner.  Her “absentee” family members rally to show Sable that she might not be as singled out as she thought she was. 

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