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Author Spotlight with Joan Duszynski

Author Spotlight with Joan Duszynski

Author Bio:
Joan Duszynski lives in Virginia with her husband and their three kids. Woods surround her home and she loves the privacy and quiet it brings. She wasn’t always a reader, so that moment when she picked up a book and found herself engrossed in its pages and unable to put it down will never be forgotten. It eventually led her to want to try and write and share stories of her own, in hopes that others will find themselves reading and getting lost inside of them. Thanks can’t be expressed enough for your time and interest

Twitter: @JoanDuszynski

Caroline Reyes is starting her second year of college nothing like the first. Following a car accident over the summer with her best friend Raleigh she is now stuck with a bitch for a roommate as Raleigh recovers at home.

One Saturday morning starts off with a bang, literally at Caroline's door and leads to her needing to comfort a very distraught stranger. This brings Caroline into her first run in with Eric. She feels completely lust driven at just the sight of him, even though his words just piss her off. She can't shake the sensations running thru her though even after their brief meeting is over. Then comes Kyle and he is determined to get to know Caroline better and she feels the same way dismissing her earlier run in as just crazy hormones.

Now she is left with decisions having to be made and knowing someone is going to get hurt in the process. That someone could be her alone. 

Caroline has always looked into the stars for comfort and reassurance since she was a little girl with her Daddy. Now she is looking up into them praying for the right answers and hoping they can help her along with her Daddy who is amongst them now.

1.     When did you decide to write? Year- 2013
2.     How did you come up with the idea of your newest book? My latest book is the second book in a series so it follows after the stories end of book one. The main characters from the first book are still in book two but they’re not the main characters anymore. This book now focuses on two characters you were introduced to in book one, Tara and Adam. In The Now is a continuous of In The Stars leading into their story now.
3.     What Genre do you write? Contemporary Adult, Erotica so far. I hope to one day think up and write a story I’d feel good about my teenage daughter reading.
4.     Would you ever write with another author if asked? I never really considered it honestly. I think it sounds exciting but not sure if I’m ready for something like that currently.
5.     Who is your biggest inspiration? Any and every author out there that’s willing to put their story out there to the public to be loved and ridiculed, because the reality is every story will receive some of each. I will say I have a big spot in my heart for Mia Sheridan and Katy Evans as authors and I’d I also think of them as friends whether I actually get to see them face to face or not.
6.     Who are some of your favorite authors? Oh I guess I kind of answered that above. Mia Sheridan, Katy Evans, Molly McAdams, Tessa Bailey, Jamie McGuire, and M. Leighton. I could probably keep going- Oh and R.L. Mathewson’s books are fun too.
7.     What genre do you like to read? Contemporary Adult Romance, Erotica, Young Adult, and True crime books as well.
8.     What was the last book that you read? Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan and I can’t say enough amazing things about that book. Oh how I loved it.
9.     What are you working on? In The Fairy Tale. Book three (and the last book) of my In The Moments Series. This is Raleigh’s story.

Fun Questions:
1.     Favorite Animal- Dolphin
2.     Favorite Color – Sorry I have two that are equal: Purple and Blue
3.     Favorite Food- FOOD J
4.     Favorite Genre of Music- I’m all over the place with music. Music is a passion for me and I love it in so many ways. There are some that I don’t listen to very much of at all such as Rap, Classical, Blue Grass for examples but that doesn’t mean I don’t like any of them in that genre.
5.     Favorite Season- Fall

When the heartache of what Tara Wright believed was her love and life plan with her high school sweetheart follows her into a new year. Tara begins to rely on the three new and beautiful friendships that came compellingly into her life.

Caroline, easily becoming the perfect best friend for Tara. Thru Caroline she receives the encouragingly, witty Raleigh as a new found friend as well. Meeting Adam at a time where she needs to rediscover herself has her scared and confused. Every moment spent with him has her head swirling and her stubborn walls weakening.

Adam is the man that can make her laugh, give her support, and make her heart skip a beat every time he comes into view. He's everything Tara needs to make her way back out of her stubborn shell of fear she's closed herself into.

Finally starting to spend more time together and watching Adam in his realm of adrenaline induced racing at the Motocross has Tara's weakening walls finally crumbling to the ground and singeing in the heat Adam brings to her.

Has it all just been a crazy ride to recognize true love? Can Adam fix Tara's broken heart and make her believe that their love is In The Now?

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