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Review Time with Kathleen Foley

Review Time with Kathleen Foley


I was asked by the author if I would review her books, I am so glad I did! She is a talented author that needs to be recognize. Her books will not disappoint and if you LOVE suspense, mystery, or Christian books check out her awesome books. Below are my reviews and links to where you can purchase her books at!! J

Stationed in Tel Aviv with her husband, Megan was the epitome of a good daughter, wife and mother. But when a bomb goes off at the American embassy and Megan is kidnapped, Megan’s husband has to completely reevaluate everything he knows about their families. While Jeremiah’s patience is tested, Megan relies heavily on her faith in God- and the CIA. Will either of them be able to save her in time? 
Megan Stanley is the wife of a Marine, mother to three children, and the daughter of two prominent individuals. Her husband, Jeremiah, is the Detachment Commander of the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, a battle hardened Marine, and the son of two highly respected, retired members of the military. But when a terrorist attack rocks the embassy, Megan and Jeremiah's lives are thrown into complete chaos. Kidnapped and injured, Megan prays desperately to God to save her. In Tel Aviv, Jeremiah will navigate an unraveling web of family secrets all the while clinging to his faith as if his wife's life depends on it.
A story of hope and truth among despair and deceit, the race is on to locate the mastermind terrorist who brings their happy home crumbling on the Stanleys, before someone is forced to pay the ultimate price.

Dog Tags

Overall rating 5 stars!
***Received copy from Author to review for my blog***

            Once I started this book I was hooked. Kathleen did a great job drawing in the reader’s attention. I’ve read Christian books before, but nothing like this. I would categorize this book under Christian Military Mystery and suspense. I love how the author had the characters recite bible verses, I thought that was amazing. This book was packed with action and faith.
            Megan was a marine that was visiting her husband at work when an explosion happen. Megan was capture, and her husband was trying to find her. She had endure some torture and her husband had to witness it through live feed.  This book showed how faith and prayer help Jeremiah (Megan’s husband) and her family stay positive through this horrible time. Oh and the twist, turns and suspense was a plus.  You would never predict how this book would go, I love how unpredictable this book was. This is book one in the series and I am happy to start book 2.
            Kathleen is a brilliant author and I love this series. I would highly recommend this book to those who love action, suspense and even Christian books. Thank you for writing a book, it showed me to never give up faith, especially during a time where you need God the most.

Someone is targeting Brittany Thompson, at the risk of becoming a CIA target. But is Brittany really the target? Or is she the bait? 
Brittany Thompson was the daughter of a well respected United States Senator and the director for the CIA. She was the sister of Special Agent Megan Stanley, the CIA agent who brought down a feared terrorist organization. As much as she dislikes the Central Intelligence Agency, it seems to surround her wherever she goes.

So who in their right mind would dare to make her "the target"?

Panicked, Brittany reaches out to the only person she knows she can trust, the only one who would drop everything to save her: Special Agent Stanley. But with the phone call to her sister comes surprises that make Brittany sick and it isn't long before more than one agent is sucked into whatever trouble is following her. 

Who is following Brittany Thompson, will the agents charged with her safety be successful, and who is the real target here?

The Target

Overall Rating 5 stars

****Received a copy from the author****

            This is book two in the series, and this is my favorite of the series. It was filled with Suspense, with a little bit of romance. I love how Kathleen stuck with this book being in the category of Christian Mystery/Suspense. I love how she has her characters find help in God.
Brittany is Megan sister, who lives in Spain. Megan tells her to look for a guy, and she didn't have to look much because Gabe shows up. But he is there to protect Brittany but she doesn't know that until her house was broken into. Someone cut her hair. Who would do that? Well that is a mystery for you to find out. Well the intruder also took a photo of her dead best friend Veronica. Well the truth comes out about her and Brittany is shocked. You get to see Gabe and Brittany relationship unfold, I was rooting for them the entire time. Also Megan and Jeremiah end up in Spain and they are now divorced. I was really heartbroken about that.  Then the ending sneaks up and I was in tears. This book will not disappoint and it is a must read series.
Kathleen is defiantly one of my new favorite authors. I love her writing style and her storylines. They are different and intriguing. Thank you so much for writing two great books and I can’t wait for more books from you.

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