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Author Spotlight with S.L. Bull


Author Bio: My name is S.L. Bull. I am 23 years old and just started writing. I have 3 children and work full time. I love to read and write my books on my days off when the kids are in bed. I want to make a name for myself as an author and eventually make it to a major signing event and meet some of my favorite authors.

Questions thank you for answering these!!!!
         When did you decide to write?
         I decided to write when I was still in high school. I would write essays for classes and the teachers would tell me I had the skills to become an author if I gave it my all.
         How did you come up with the idea of your newest book?
         It is kind of weird, but I went to bed after watching a fantasy movie and dreamt up just about the entire series and started putting it to use the next day.
         What Genre do write?
         Right now I write Romance, but I am looking into possibly doing childrens books also.
         Would you ever write with another author if asked?
         I would write with another author depending on who it was and what kind of book we were writing.
         Who is your biggest inspiration?
         My biggest inspiration would be my father. He is also a fellow author and when he published his books it motivated me more to push and publish some of mine after a few years of not wanting to because of being afraid of failing.
         Who are some of your favorite authors?    
         I have quite a few favorite authors. My top list faves are TH Snyder, JS Scott, Nicholas Evans, Melissa Hart,  Belinda Boring, Ally Thomas, Brenda Davis, and Nicky Charles.
         What genre do you like to read?
         I like to read a bit of everything. Mystery, drama, romace, fantasy, you name I read it. My favorite genre is romance. I like the emotions and different situations relationship wise since I tend to relate to a lot of it.
         What was the last book that you read?
         I just finished ready The Vampire From Hell Series by Ally Thomas. They were definitely different and had a lof of twists but great books and I would reccommend them to everyone.
         What are you working on?
         I am currently working on the 2nd book in my series. The first book Unconditional Love was just published and Unconditional Lust (book 2) is in the works.

Fun Questions:
         Favorite Animal
         White Tiger
         Favorite Color
         Royal Blue
         Favorite Food
         Pizza/ Ice Cream
         Favorite Genre of Music
         Rock, but listen to a bit of everything.
         Favorite Season
         It's a toss up between Spring and Fall. I love the green and blooming flowers in the Spring and the changing of the leaves in Fall.

Chapter Three Blurb:
            When Ariana saw him she was in awe. His black shirt hugged his body revealing every muscle in his body. She watched them ripple under his shirt as he talked and laughed with Gladeon and Lynal. His jeans just barley showed his figure but she could tell his legs were just as in shape as the rest of him. Black hair lay a top his head in a sexy mess that complimented his grey eyes and fair skin tone. He definitely has sex appeal.

Chapter Four Blurb:
"Kyan snap back into reality." He thinks to himself to break the stare. "You have to go meet with your boss. Distractions are not good for you right now."
He manages to break the stare and head to Mack's office. While on his way to the office he starts to feel different. His body is trembling like it does before he changes. Except he feels like he is on fire which is new. Kyan has the urge to dominate, but he doesn't know what to dominate. Kyan decides he should try cold water on his face and heads for the bathroom.
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