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Breaking My Heart by Aleya Michelle Review and Tour

Breaking My Heart
by: Aleya Michelle
Genre: Romance/MA
What happens when the one you thought you would spend forever with decides that ‘he still loves you but is not ready to settle down' he tells you 'maybe we will meet again later in life'. Ouch now that hurts. 

Would you let go? Would you give up? Or would you fight with every ounce of your soul....... 

Roxy is a fighter, she is strong and independent. Definitely not one to let her guard down, she has been burnt too many times! Her stone walls are unbreakable....... Well at least they were...... 

The new guy that she meets Kade, is cute, sweet, and innocent and would make a good toy to play with. He blushes when she gets near him. 

Will Roxy chew him up and spit him out or will he break down her walls and find the map to her heart........

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Breaking My Heart

Overall Rating 5 stars!!
***Received a copy for her blog tour.***

            This is Aleya debut novel, and let me just say that she did an amazing job!! The book was mixed with secret, love and heated passion. If I could have given this book 10 stars I would’ve have. I love her writing style.
            Roxie is a young lady who likes to party, and she has a problem trusting guys. One night while she was out at a club she comes a across surfer Kade. Oh sexy Kade. They go out and she gets scared that he is lying to her and she doesn’t want to get hurt again so she calls it off. They get back together to have yet again another falling out. Can this relationship survive all the falling outs, and the secrets. Kade ends up in trouble, so there is more that Roxie and Kade have to overcome!! Can they forgive each other?
            This is one of my top 10 books of 2014, I still can’t believe this was a debut novel. Aleya really knows how to draw in her audience and hold on to them to the end. Great job on your book Aleya and I can’t wait for more to come from you.




Aleya Michelle

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Married for ten years and we have 3 crazy boys, never a dull moment, always on my toes... Writing to me is a love, a passion and an escape to another world. Thank you to Abbi Glines for getting me hooked on reading, you can find me chilling out with friends, reading, writing or at the beach :)

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