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Author Spotlight with V.L. Brock

Author Spotlight with V.L. Brock 

Author Bio:
I've been married for almost 6 years to my high school sweetheart and lives in South Wales, UK with our 5 year old son. 

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for writing, I suppose that's what happens when you are raised in a very creative family. 
I wavered many times throughout the years on which career path I should take, but the one thing that always remained the same was my need and my want to write. Yet, I didn't think anything of it. I would start and then give up. But as I grew, the motivational words of people that I loved and lost began to ring loud and clear in my head.
So I gave it a shot...
and it was one of the best things to happen to me, and something I will never regret doing.
I'm a firm believer in starting each and every day with a motivational quote and a strong coffee. Look down the path you wish to travel and see the end result, more importantly, believe in the end result because it's possible. The only thing standing between you and your dreams, is yourself. 

1.     When did you decide to write?
I was in a very bad place in my life when I began to write. It was actually the idea of medical personnel for me to begin writing, to use it as a method of venting and freeing up a lot of space in my head which was drowning in past regrets and resentment. I used it as a form of therapy and in doing that, bridges were successfully rebuilt and it's brought a lot of inner peace, you could say
2.     How did you come up with the idea of your newest book?
I was halfway through writing my debut, Impulses when I was struck by the premise of The Dark Evoke Series. My initial idea for the story has changed somewhat from that seed which was planted, but I'm so excited about it. It's entirely different to Impulses. It toes a line which has been a topic of controversy for some time. I can't say much more because of spoilers
3.     What Genre do write?
I write romantic suspense. After several pots of coffee and much time debating with my girlie's, we reached the conclusion that Dark Evoke also falls under romantic/thriller, which was quite surprising
4.     Would you ever write with another author if asked?
That's a tough one. I would love to, but my outlook would have to change substantially to make a partnership work I think. I can be extremely stubborn. Not one of my good traits unfortunately
5.     Who is your biggest inspiration?
This is going to sound stupid, but my biggest inspiration are members of my family who have passed. My uncle was struck down with terminal cancer back 2 years ago. He was the only father figure I had considering my father died when I was very, very young. He would frequently give me the third degree about what I was going to do with my life that you have to go and make your mark on the world because life is short. The day before he passed, my cousin told him I was writing and was going to try and get published. Knowing that was the last time he was going to hear my goals made me fight more to reach it. It was a promise that I wasn't going to break.
The same thing goes with my Nan. I lost her 16 years ago to Alzheimer’s Disease. She was the most creative in the family, having her poetry published etc. It killed me seeing her deteriorate. I like to think she's rooting for me knowing I'm following in her footsteps
6.     Who are some of your favorite authors?

S.C. Stephens, Jamie McGuire, E.L. James, Sylvia Day. And my fellow Indies which I've found friends in: Jennifer Howell, Danielle Jamie, Andrea Michelle, MaryAnn Jordan, EJ Shortall, Nick Taylor and Alisha Payne
7.     What genre do you like to read?
I'm a romance gal. But it needs it's angst and an element of realism for me. Love isn't a bed of roses, no matter how much we wish it to be. I've just started getting into my darker reads also
8.     What was the last book that you read?
The last book I read was Inescapable Desire by Danielle Jamie. I'm making my way through the entire Savannah Series and I'm loving it. I've almost finished Indestructible Desire
9.     What are you working on?
.I have just finished writing the second installment of The Dark Evoke Series, titled, Eluding Nirvana. I'm preparing my ARCs of Seeking Nirvana (Dark Evoke, #1) which will be released June 16, then I can begin writing the third installment which I am beyond excited about

Fun Questions:
1.     Favorite Animal
2.     Favorite Color
3.     Favorite Food
Anything with a ridiculous amount of garlic and cheese
4.     Favorite Genre of Music
5.     Favorite Season

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