Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Define Me by Culine Ramsden Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

  • Our history defines us, molds us into the people we become. For Caitlin, it was three men.
    One protected her, longed for her, but always in the shadows. One crushed her belief that love conquered all and one put the pieces back together.
    Caitlin was always a happy-go-lucky person, life was great as long as she had volleyball and her best friend, but this all changed the day Hunter walked into her life. Devastated by abuse, it was a long dark road to finding herself again. But Vincent, with a patient hand, showed her how to love again.
    Brent vowed after watching his father's abuse that he'd never let another woman suffer his mother's fate. He saw the signs, even when Caitlin was too blind. The one thing he didn't do, though, was show her his true feelings.

    Author Culine Ramsden

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